Blog Tarja - 15.05.09

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Blog Tarja - 15.05.09

Post by Syrius on Fri May 15, 2009 9:09 am

Hola Mexico City!
15. May 2009

We arrived last night from US.

The tour in US and Canada went really well, without any problems and I truly enjoyed all my concerts there.

Even though I have been in Chicago before, it really felt like the first time. What a beautiful city! This time I had the chance to walk a bit around.

It was nice to meet many of my fans and to get a chance to know them personally a bit better. They seemed to enjoy the shows as much as we did with the band. I wish there will come another opportunity for me to return in the future. Perhaps with my new album.

I remember travelling from Chicago to San Francisco two days in our very comfortable night liner. 3500km! Luckily we had enough food, supplies, working Internet and functioning toilet…it was not too bad after all.

Anyway, it felt great to get a proper shower after all that travelling.

Los Angeles show was a great ending for the North American part of the tour. I got a chance to meet many friends after the show, which is always wonderful. Nice people that will hopefully be a part of WLB and some of them that have already worked with me in MWS.

In the meantime, before travelling to Mexico, I went to Hawaii to relax for couple of days. I just wanted to get under the surface again, so we scuba dived there on one day. We did a wreck dive where I saw a beautiful family of eagle rays swimming right upon us, when we were in 30m deep. There were also quite many turtles and lots of colourful fishes Smile

Hawaii was a nice break.

Now we are in Mexico DF. I know that many people have doubted whether my show is going to happen or not. I have to tell you that YES it will happen!!!!! I am so excited about it. Anyway, I don’t see the swine flu situation here at all that out of hands that the media has let us think. I guess it is just a big haloooooooo.

In fact, tomorrow I will be doing a signing session.

I am sure that everything will be just fine with the show and we’ll have a great time with my dear Mexican fans!

As I have heard, our concert will be the first one to happen after all the concerts in DF were cancelled and stopped for some time. So let’s show the city what we have Wink

See you!

With love, Tarja

P.S.Sorry pentru un topic nou dar, nu am mai gasit vechiul topic despre blog
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