Blog nou: Writing from home 31. May 2009

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Blog nou: Writing from home 31. May 2009

Post by Kinga on Sun May 31, 2009 9:42 am

Writing from home
31. May 2009

My friends, the tour is happily over. But very soon, we will start next shows in Europe.

There is no time really to relax since I have to keep on rehearsing for them. I will go to make a visit at my vocal coach who is most probably going to “kill” me again. Just kidding, she is just magnificent help and amazingly kind lady.

Mexican show was great and it was nice to see the reaction of the audience when they heard the new songs in our set list. I spoke with many fans and they felt that the show was a lot better than my first visit in Mexico.

As always, I learn new things about myself and from my music through my musical journey and it is very rewarding to hear good feedback from my supporters.

Thank you Mexico! As I said during the show, I hope to see you next time with my new album.

Here is a memory of our visit in DF.

It was also wonderful to make for the first time a show in Venezuela and to see that I have an audience there! I got to meet many fans in the singing session I did in Caracas and the feeling was really overwhelming.

The local promoter got very emotional to see how people were reacting towards me and told me that he had never seen anything like that before. The devotion of the fans was unexpected for him and for some local media. Not for me Wink

Mike and Alex trying venezuelan “perinola”.

The final challenge was to make 4 shows in Buenos Aires. Everything went fine and I was very happy to be able to finish the tour with these shows here. Especially the last two shows in La Trastienda were great, because the audience was seated and they could follow every little details of our show. For me it was nice to see their expressions closer and to feel their love.

I would like to do similar kind of concerts in other countries, but promoters haven’t realised yet that my fans would like it too.

Muchas gracias Buenos Aires otra vez.

I am sure the band was happy with the tour. Every one of them already flew to different destinations and in couple of weeks we’ll find each other in Budapest where we’ll start rehearsing for the summer shows. Can’t wait to get there!

Next week I will face another challenge when I am performing with local band Rata Blanca in Luna Park stadium. I have to learn few of their songs, which means I am going to sing in Spanish again!!!!! Let’s see how that goes. I am expecting to have a great time with Rata on stage. Was very nice to receive their invitation.

Let’s meet in Europe in few weeks!

With all my love,



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