Blog: Hello, dear fans! (16. August 2009 )

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Blog: Hello, dear fans! (16. August 2009 )

Post by Kinga on Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:10 am

Hello dear fans!
16. August 2009

I guess you wanted to know a bit more about the summer storm that passed by already some time ago.

First show in Vaasa, Finland went really well. For me it was very important show since I haven’t been able to play Rock in my home country for a long time. I want to thank all my Finnish fans for the patience and love and the Rockperry festival for the opportunity. It was very nice feeling to be in front of the home audience again.

After Vaasa, we played in small venues in Saarbrücken and in Vienna and these shows were real fun. In Vienna the club was so hot that we all ended up soaked wet. Believe me that I lost few hundred of grams during that show Smile !

The reception of the audience was just amazing in both shows and it was nice to hear that many people travelled really far to see us. Thank you!

Then we got to perform in a cosy Czech festival where thousands of people were welcoming us. Very interesting to take part in a Festival with very different kind of bands. I did a signing session there as well. Many fans in all ages came to say hello. It was cool.

Suspense was in the air when we arrived to Poland’s HunterFest. We saw that not that many people eventually came to the festival, since quite many bands cancelled their performance.

But we did our show and everyone in the band felt that it was a great show thanks to the Polish audience!! It was raining a bit before and after the show, but not too much during. We were just lucky. I hope I could meet my Polish audience very soon again in the future. This time I met some Winterstorm fanclub members at HunterFest after the show as we were not such in a big hurry to leave.

The last show in Kiev went as great as we expected. Even with many journalists waiting to hear my words right as I left the stage.

It was the last show of this tour and the beginning of a short break before the last tour will begin. Thanks to all the crew: Taneli, Tommi, Aki, Stosh and Pete and of course to my band for this summer.

Far away from holidays, I was again working in finishing new songs. I am counting the days to be able to start the preproduction and recordings of the new album. So here is the title of another song that is now ready: Love to Hate.

In few days you’ll see me performing in a very important TV Gala Concert in Stockholm and day after in a classical concert in Mäntyharju, Finland.

But first, some rest under the sun Wink

With love, Tarja


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Re: Blog: Hello, dear fans! (16. August 2009 )

Post by Suomi_Rocks on Tue Aug 18, 2009 9:05 am

"Love to Hate" What a Face. Suna destul de promitator cheers Rock on!
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Re: Blog: Hello, dear fans! (16. August 2009 )

Post by diana17rock on Sat Aug 29, 2009 12:01 pm

suomi_rocks wrote:"Love to Hate" What a Face. Suna destul de promitator cheers Rock on!

+1 Kippis
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Re: Blog: Hello, dear fans! (16. August 2009 )

Post by roxana_enache on Sat Sep 12, 2009 1:17 pm

Mi se pare foarte tare ca Tarja isi tine un blog si ca are si poze din diferite locuri... Very Happy Un bun mijloc de a mai afla noutati! Very Happy
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Re: Blog: Hello, dear fans! (16. August 2009 )

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