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Blog: Progress!

Post by Unia on Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:05 pm

First of all the experience in the ” Wetten Dass..?” Show was just amazing.

It was great to sing with Scorpions, of course! I have to tell you that these guys from the band are SO kind. They were treating me like a queen and I was very delighted of their support and trust.

Is funny to see the bigger “names” with humble attitude that allows them to see and understand. Many times better and faster than people around you who you need constantly to convince of what you want and like.

I had very nice talks especially with Klaus and his family. They seem to be a great team and we share many similar things in our private lives.

I also found out that the writer Paulo Coelho, who is a great inspiration to me, is also a friend with Rudolf!

I wish The Scorpions the best for their last album and tours and congratulations for the great chart entries in the world! I am sure we will meet very soon again.

Few nights ago I had a chance to see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Love never dies” musical and I fell in love with it in an instant. It was just a wonderful performance and an amazing piece of art. There is still hope, since good music really exists and people are willing to hear more.

I finished writing the lyrics for a song that I composed last in the writing process. It is a piano/orchestral piece that I could have called “Oasis 2”. This time it has English lyrics and continues the story of “Naiad”. During the piano recordings at Petrax studios, this song changed quite radically, because I decided to write an improvised piano piece in between the song. It feels good to be free and open to hear suggestions, but also to follow my own instincts.

In few days I’ll get back into recording the vocals for the last songs and immediately after I’ll let you know where I am heading to mix the album.

The orchestra and choir are already recorded!

There are exciting times ahead of me. Getting the final album in my hands is getting closer and closer day by day.

I have been trying to re gain the lost energy in these last couple of days and it feels I was able to do exactly that. I am ready for new challenges.

I think I already mentioned you the song called “Crimson Deep”.

Find here the lyrics we wrote with Angela.

Sometimes I see the pulse

numb I feel,

so unreal.

Blood on my lips I taste the heavy lead.

What can I find behind the mirror,

I’ll never know.

Who’s the reflection within?

Should I frame for you the other world?

Another world?

I’ve heard the voices of Elysium.

The scent of a sudden wish,

never there, everywhere.

Read me the space in-between.

Sharp is the edge of all discovery,

now I see.

A scar without suffering, impossible.

I’ll wait until my last day

with no shame.

Who’s to blame?

Shaping the signs left for me.

Come to me

I cried

I need you.

I am seeking

the gates unfold inside

my lost soul

in the dark.

Far beneath my breath

I’m burning

at my core.

Show me how

let me see beyond

I will find

my Crimson Deep

With love,


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Re: Blog: Progress!

Post by kuolema on Mon Apr 05, 2010 8:11 pm

oasis 2 ?..ce dragut Very Happy
ador melodia...daka e tot in genul ala imi v-a placea cu siguranta
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Re: Blog: Progress!

Post by hartia on Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:07 pm

ce bine ii sta tarjei intre cei de la scorpions whistle
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Re: Blog: Progress!

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