Blog: What Lies Beneath in Europe

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Blog: What Lies Beneath in Europe

Post by Unia on Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:50 am

My new album is out nearly everywhere now.I hope you have found it exciting. Believe me, it was so much fun forme to work on it and the fun must continue now when the tour is aboutto begin.
The summer went so fast over that I cannot believe it’s time tostart rocking again! Anyway, many things will be different since I amgoing to be performing new songs, have a new stage design, newperformance clothes and even some changes in the line up!!!!
It was really nice to plan the new set list for the tours that areabout to happen soon. There will be several surprises and among them,a song that many of you have requested in the forums for more than 10years…
I can already tell you that there are plans to keep on presentingWLB at least until the end of 2011, since there are many places for meto visit. Of course there will be some breaks and classical concerts inbetween the rock tours, but I am lucky to be able to rock my new albumfor a pretty long time.The rest of the year will be also very busy as I am starting to plan the follow up to WLB as well as several side projects.
I have been practising the new songs for the shows at home on my ownand in few days I am heading to Poland to rehearse with my band. I amreally excited about this. I am sure I will have great time togetheragain with the lovely guys. I am really thrilled to tell you that weadded in a last minute a show in Kiev, Ukraine. So if you are Ukrainianfan, you must know that we are coming for real. I will be there onOctober 4th!
The new video for Until My Last Breath is ready and will be online hopefully this week
A big kiss from sunny Buenos Aires and see you soon in Warsaw!
With love, Tarja


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