Blog: Rehearsals have begun 28.09.2010

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Blog: Rehearsals have begun 28.09.2010

Post by Suomi_Rocks on Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:11 pm

Rainy and chilly day in Warsaw, Poland.

After being under the sun and enjoying lovely springtime in Buenos Aires, the weather in Europe came as a shock to me. It’s really damn cold already!

Today was the first day of the rehearsals with the band. We went through almost all the new songs already, but few are still missing. I am sure tomorrow we “kill” them all.

The band sounds tight and it’s great fun to see the guys enjoying my music again.

We have a new bass player with us: Mr. Kevin Chown.

Always when there is a change in the line up, the overall sound changes and the atmosphere among us as well. I am sure you’ll like what you’ll hear. I see many smiling faces around, so I am happy. My guys and me are going to hit the road together again!!! Jippyy

So, now I leave you with good night wishes. Got to take some rest before tomorrow.

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