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Blog: On The Road

Post by Unia on Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:06 pm

Thejourney with my new album has begun. It was really exciting to actuallystart with the shows after rehearsing the songs only for few days withthe band.
There was really a lot of new material for everybody to learn, butall went very fine. Now we have prepared many different set lists, sowe can do changes between the shows.
The reception of the audiences in Warsaw and Krakow was incredible.I felt really welcome again in Poland. It was nice to see and hearpeople singing my new songs already. That was pretty amazing.
I had never been able to visit the centre of Krakow before, so I waslucky to do it this time. It is a very beautiful city with lot of oldarchitecture and history. Chopin’s music was played everywhere and thesun was with us for the first time after many rainy days.

After Poland we started our trip to Ukraine and everybody knew inadvance that this journey would be a long one; it was. The jumpy roadkept me awake the whole night and the lack of sleep and food didn’tmake me very happy. I was really delighted to get a real bed after 20hrs being in the bus. Next day we had a chance to see the older part ofKiev a little bit, but it was lot colder in Ukraine than I thought itwould be! Even we Finns were freezing!

The show, even though announced with a very short notice, waswonderful. People were really excited about our concert and with thehelp of their love and care; I realized that my music has a specialplace in Ukraine.
After Kiev we headed to Ostrava and Prague, Czech Republic. It wasreally lovely to be back in Czech, even though my last visit was justfew months ago in Masters of Rock Festival. A lot of people came to seemy shows and everybody got a bit surprised about it.For example in Prague, the house was completely full and it made me very, very happy. People were just stunning!Sometimes they were a lot louder than the band itself!
I started to feel a bit sick though during my Ostrava performance,so now I have to fight furiously against the flu that is trying to hitme. Nothing too serious, but enough to be more tired than usual.
Now we are in lovely Paris. The sun was welcoming us here yesterday and I already had my tasty, French dinner last night.
Is hard to know what to expect tonight. When we booked the shows,What Lies Beneath was not out yet and we had big expectations for therelease in France with Universal Music.
Today I visited their offices to ask them why they didn’t release my album at all.This is what I found.

It seems that in France, Universal Music is opening a market instead of selling records.Maybe they are good in that field.
We can hear complains about the record industry going down… We should check a bit more the reasons for this to happen.
In one hour, the sound check will begin.
With all my love, Tarja


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Re: Blog: On The Road

Post by roxana_enache on Fri Oct 22, 2010 8:31 am

ce-mi place ca pune poze foarte faine ... aia cu fructele, cu vinul ... Angel 2
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