DAMNGOD (Finlanda), EvergreeD - Sibiu, 27.01.2012

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DAMNGOD (Finlanda), EvergreeD - Sibiu, 27.01.2012

Post by Unia on Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:09 pm


Enter the lair of Business City Redneks! Damngod delivers their sophomore full length entitled "HUMANITY-the legacy of violence and evil" in the spring of 2011. The record reveals a more brutal and down to earth side of Damngod's business city brutality. With extensive touring Damngod has built a strong underground following and will promote the new album during 2011 in Finland as well as abroad, so you have been warned. Nothing is sacred, everything goes and fuck you all, this is death metal from Lahti, Finland!

Toni Broman - Bass
Teppo Ristola - Drums
Mika Ojala - Guitar, Vocals
Marko Lehto - Guitars
Antti Vedenpää - Vocals


Opening Act - EvergreeD

Founded in 1997, Melodic Death Metal.

Boke - Guitars, Vocals
Seru - Guitars, Vocals
Pyt - Guitars
Ritz - Bass
Janet - Sampling




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