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Blog: Summer greetings

Post by Unia on Sun Jul 03, 2011 5:49 pm

Johnny came and we were writing songs together for the new album. We had a good time and some really cool stuff was born. I am happy!

I have all together already 18 songs in progress. The goal is to have the entire album composed by the end of the summer!!!!

It was really nice to visit Serbia. The Motorock meeting was held in a small village called Debeljaca, around one hour drive from Belgrade.

We spend most of the time at the hotel, but we had time with Chris to visit a very nice Naive Art local Gallery.

Day before our concert the weather changed radically from sunny to stormy and I was joking with the local people that I brought the storm with me to Serbia Smile Luckily on the day of the show, the weather was really nice. I got to meet many of my fans, since we did an extended sound check on the show day and there were lots of people already waiting for the concert.

I even managed to get two girls singing with me on the stage during the sound check! That was fun! Smile

It is always very nice to play in festivals, even though the show cannot be the same than usually my shows are. What I really hope is that I can return to Serbia in 2012 for a concert on my own. The support from the people was fantastic! Thank you very much for the love.

I am working on a Live DVD from 2009 Christmas tour right now and I would like to ask you a favour. Would you have any nice photos taken from our Christmas concerts with Kalevi, Markku and Marzi from 2009? If you would like your photo to be part of the photo gallery of the DVD, please send them to:
We might end up using some of them. Thank you so much!

Next time you’ll see me in Rock Harz, Germany and Sonisphere in France!

And now back to work Wink

With love,


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